​Safe Drinking Water

Program Overview

Public Health Inspectors are responsible for routine monitoring of small public water supplies as defined in The Health Hazard Regulations.  Public facilities that are not connected to municipal water systems are regulated by Public Health Inspectors.


If you are planning on opening a public facility with a non municipal water supply, please call (306) 752 6310.  The Health Hazard Regulations require plans be submitted any time a person wants to establish, extend, renovate or alter a public water supply.  When submitting plans include one of the following application forms:


For regulations governing the above facilities, please click here.

Water Analysis
Water analysis is available through the Saskatchewan Disease Control laboratory.  Samples must be processed within 48 hours.  Results will be mailed to the address you specify on the water analysis request form.  

Containers with sample bottles are available by contacting Kelsey Trail Public Health.  The enclosed requisition must be filled in completely or your sample may be rejected at the lab.  Payment is to be made to the Minister of Finance.  Cost varies depending on type of analysis requested.

Public Health Services will provide shipping to the laboratory.  In order for samples to be processed within the required time water samples must be received by 12 noon on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday only.


Below are some related websites regarding water quality that you may want to refer to for more information:

Please contact Public Health at (306) 752-6310 if you have any questions.