​Plumbing & Private Sewage Disposal

Program Overview

Public Health Inspectors inspect and permit new plumbing systems and private sewage disposal systems.  Public Health Inspectors also investigate complaints relating to improper or failed private sewage disposal systems.

A Sewage Permit is necessary to allow the holder to operate, construct, extend or alter any sanitary sewage works. A Plumbing Permit is necessary and allows qualified persons to establish, construct, extend, renovate, alter or repair a plumbing system or connect a plumbing system to a communal sewage works or communal waterworks.

Once the application is approved and the permit issued, the holder can proceed with the plumbing installation or construction of the onsite wastewater disposal system. An inspection is required once work is completed. No portions of the plumbing and sewage works can be covered until the permit holder receives permission from the Public Health Inspector.

Please be advised:

  • All inspections require at least 48 hours prior notice.
  • Testing may be required before covering and approval of any plumbing or sewage system.
  • A permit ceases to be valid if the work for which it is issued is not commenced within six months of the date of issue.

Permit Application


For regulations governing the above facilities, please click here.

Thinking of installing plumbing or a private sewage disposal system? Please contact Public Health at (306) 752-6310