​Licensed Accommodations & Housing

Program Overview

Campgrounds are a licenced accommodation that are inspected by Public Health Inspectors on a routine, complaint and follow-up basis​.

Public Health Inspectors will respond to health hazards that pose an imminent health risk.

Public Health Inspectors investigate housing complaints after the tenant has verbally contacted the landlord and if the landlord has not remedied the situation in a reasonable time.  They will investigate the following:

  • Gross unsanitary conditions
  • A lack of plumbing
  • A lack of heat
  • No running water
  • Excessive mould
  • Severe rodent or insect infestation.

Except for situations outlined above, the Public Health Inspector will only investigate complaints after:

  • The inspector receives a copy of the letter from the tenant to the landlord requesting the landlord repair or remedy the health concern raised by the tenant; and
  • The tenant advises the inspector that the landlord has either refused to remedy the issue identified in the letter, or the landlord has not responded to the letter.

Licence Application


For regulations governing the above facilities, please click here.

Please contact Public Health at (306) 752-6310 if you have any questions.